Nadya Suleman, the woman known as Octomom, has posed nude for a magazine spread, three years after giving birth to eight children (she already had six). Suleman stripped down to reveal her post-baby boy for the latest issue of UK magazine Closer.
During the accompanying interview, Suleman revealed how she managed to lose the baby-weight after shocking the world with her eight-baby birth, saying, "I just pinged back into shape like a rubber band after the kids.I don't know how I did it. I eat like a horse, don't count calories and have never owned a scale". Nadya is currently single, but claims she's not ready to begin dating again, despite getting offers, saying, "I get way too much male attention, but I won't date until the octuplets are 18-I live for them now".On whether she sees another man in her life, Suleman explained, "I wouldn't rule out a relationship in the future.But now, when men look at me, I look away and they know not to approach me. I know I'm beautiful-I don't need a man to tell me that".
'Octomom' has appeared in numerous television shows, making her a prominent reality personality in the United States. Fox aired a two-hour special entitled, "Octo-Mom: The Incredible Unseen Footage' while she also appeared on the Oprah Winfrey show.