German pop star Nadja Benaissa has been formally charged with causing bodily harm after allegedly failing to tell her lovers she was HIV positive.
The No Angels girlband singer is accused of having unprotected sex with three men who were unaware she carried the deadly infection.
The 27 year old spent 10 days in jail following her arrest in Frankfurt last April (09) but was released after her lawyers argued she should "enjoy the presumption of innocence" as there was no proof she had passed the virus on to any of the men.
However, one of Benaissa's former sexual partners has now tested positive for HIV, prompting police to file charges against her.
A spokesperson for the prosecutors in Darmstadt, near Frankfurt, says, "She was well aware that any unprotected sexual contact can lead to the virus being passed on."
If convicted, Benaissa faces up to 10 years behind bars.