Nadine Coyle wanted her debut solo album to have a storyline running through it.

The 'Insatiable' singer was keen for the material on 'Insatiable' to have a personal element, and crafted the lyrics to be both introspective and yet have universal appeal.

Nadine exclusively told BANG Showbiz: "I wanted the album to be very real, in terms of real instruments, no auto tune, a full gospel choir on there, really heavy backing vocals, lyrical content that made sense - but not lyrics that only made sense to me, but could make sense to everybody listening.

"You can take from it what you will, but there's a storyline, and just music that I wanted to hear."

She also explained she was enjoying the lyrical freedom and working in a different way to previous records with Girls Aloud.

She said: "In Girls Aloud, except for 'Stand By You' and 'See The Day', none of our other songs had any storylines whatsoever. It was deliberate, it wasn't about storylines, it was about the music and the fact it could be worked with clothes and it was a backing canvas for us to go as crazy as we wanted with costumes and hair and stuff, so it was a different style."

Nadine - who last week announced her engagement to NFL football player Jason Bell - insists she isn't interested in what position her album charts, but hopes it will become a valuable addition to people's record collections.

The 25-year-old singer added: "I hope people like it first and foremost, and I hope it is an album that people can enjoy as much as I enjoy, and it can become part of people's staple collections that they play at parties, that's what I look for more than a certain chart position.

"I am also looking forward to performing the tracks - they've got the energy, so it should make for a good show and a good album."

Nadine's debut solo single 'Insatiable' is released on November 1, and the album of the same name will follow on November 8.