Nadine Coyle faces losing her Los Angeles pub after racking up huge debts.

The Girls Aloud singer owns and runs the Irish themed pub 'Nadine's Irish Mist' on Sunset Beach with her dad Niall and the family reportedly owes nearly £100,000 in taxes after failing to pay property rates since it opened in 2009.

The £1 million venue could now be confiscated by the taxman and sold at auction unless the star pays up, according to The Sun newspaper.

Orange County treasurer Shari Freidenrich said: ''They need to pay the entire balance including all penalties and interest to avoid a tax sale.''

The ambitious singer had planned to open up a chain of pubs but admitted she is ''dangerous'' at managing her money which has at times left her skint.

She said: ''The ultimate business plan is to open a chain of Irish bars. Americans are screaming out for them.

''I'm a bit dangerous with money. If I have it, I'll spend it. A few times in recent years, just through buying so much stuff as investments and dropping big sums here and there, I have left myself without enough money to buy a packet of chewing gum.''

The 27-year-old star - who made her long awaited comeback with Girls Aloud during the 'Children In Need' show last night - is set to make a fortune from the reunion tour and new singles including their latest release 'Something New'.