Nadine Coyle finds motherhood a ''challenge''.

The 'Insatiable' singer has four-year-old Anaiya with partner Jason Bell and she's found difficulties and stresses with every stage of raising the youngster.

She explained: ''I think every single day an every moment is a challenge.

''When they're babies, it's the challenge of adjustment and the sheer survival factor of this brand new baby that relies on you 100 per cent for everything, that fear of whether they are burped enough or whether they're going to choke and all the sleepless nights you endure - it's so stressful.

''So you have that from the beginning and then you move on and they are moving around and you have to put up gates and tape up the sockets. So there's always a new challenge.

''There's always something as you go through the years, you have to go with it.''

The former Girls Aloud star also confessed to feeling very ''guilty'' when she went back to work but she learned to accept that it was OK to be apart from Anaiya.

In an interview with the new issue of Closer magazine, she said: ''You do feel guilty - I couldn't leave her for a long time. But I finally reached the point where going to work was less stressful - and then it gets to lunch time and you wonder what she's doing. I think Catholic guilt is so ingrained, so when you add the motherhood guilt, you just always feel guilty.''

While Anaiya is desperate for a sibling, Nadine is leaving the possibility to fate.

She said: ''I think I'll just go along with it and see what happens - if we're blessed with that or not.

''But Anaiya would love a brother or sister, for sure.''