Northern Irish singer Nadine Coyle has lost her voice after performing on Sunday (20Jan13) to mark the opening concert of Derry's year as the U.K. City of Culture.

The star returned home from Los Angeles to join the line-up for the Sons And Daughters celebration, where she sang a medley of hits from her band Girls Aloud, but she admits the gig pushed her already-strained vocals to its limit - and now she is literally speechless.

In a post on on Monday (21Jan13), she writes, "My voice has been going for a week. Since yesterday gone! Even the throat lozenge I almost chocked (sic) on on stage couldn't help."

Coyle was due to reunite with her Girls Aloud bandmates to begin rehearsals for their upcoming 10th anniversary tour on Monday, but the first run-through was postponed until Tuesday (22Jan13) due to travel issues prompted by the blizzard-like conditions across the U.K. - giving the singer an extra day to recover from her illness.

She tweets, "A lot of you are asking about tour rehearsals. Unfortunately because of bad weather we have to start tomorrow instead! Woooh! Snowed under."