Nadine Coyle has claimed she's ''too young to get married'' - despite having been engaged for more than seven years.

The 32-year-old singer has been engaged to her fiancé Jason Bell - with whom she has four-year-old daughter Anaiya - since 2010, and although she knows she wants to spend the rest of her life with the former American football player, she doesn't feel the need to make the ''hugely romantic gesture'' of tying the knot.

She said: ''I still feel too young to get married. I would feel like I was dressing up for a video or something. It's definitely more my style to just do it quietly.

''It's great that people get their day, but I don't need a special day for that. I can't imagine how you even plan it. I'm not that type of person - I fid it difficult enough to write a Valentine's card! I'm just not a huge romantic type and getting married is a hugely romantic gesture.''

The former Girls Aloud singer seemingly broke things off with Jason - whom she began dating in 2008 - in the summer of 2011 when she tweeted claiming they had separated, but she now insists they never actually broke up, and Nadine was just ''in a bad mood'' with him at the time.

She said: ''I got with Jason when I was 23 and got engaged, and I suddenly thought: 'Hang on, I can't get married, I'm only 25!'

''I needed to take a wee bit of time out. So I moved to New York and I tweeted that we'd split up, but it was stupid because it was just that he was really getting on my nerves. I wasn't going out with anyone else. So it wasn't a case of getting back together - actually we were never really apart. I was just in a really bad mood and I really disliked him for a while!''

The pair are now firmly back on track, but the 'Go To Work' singer admits they did hit a rough patch when their daughter was first born.

Speaking to Fabulous magazine, she said: ''A baby adds more stress to a relationship - you're up all nigh and it really is a test. Everything changes. You can't just go for lunch or dinner or a drink. That goes out the window, and you're dealing with the serious stuff.

''I know some people say it made everything better. Like, who are you people? I don't know anyone like that. I reckon you're lying. I don't need to feel bad about myself with your lies.''