Nadine Coyle has blasted plastic surgery as ''ridiculous'', as she thinks it makes people look ''exactly the same''.

The 32-year-old singer has insisted she would never go under the knife to alter her looks because she can't understand the appeal and finds doctors who recommend Botox to be ''disgraceful''.

When asked about plastic surgery, she said: ''They all look ridiculous and they all look the same. They're paying a fortune to these doctors to make them look exactly the same. I hope we get out of this phase where everyone thinks they need to inject stuff or have implants everywhere.

''I remember going to have a facial in New York and the doctor was trying to get me to have Botox. I was 22. I said to him: 'Are you finished? Because you've basically just told me to rearrange my whole face so you can charge me a fortune and then you have a recurrent client forever.' I gave him quite the dressing down. Disgraceful.''

The former Girls Aloud singer still has insecurities about her body, but she has admitted she never lets her body hang ups ''consume'' her.

She added: ''I have insecurities but they don't consume me. It doesn't bother me if my hair's a mess or if I have a bad skin day, I just don't look in the mirror!

''And my weight has never been an issue that's bothered me, and my mammy has a lot to do with that. Me and my two sisters are all different sizes.''

Despite not worrying about her weight, the 'Go To Work' hitmaker has often been plagued by rumours of an eating disorder because of her slender frame, though she insists she's always been ''healthy''.

Speaking to Fabulous magazine, she said: ''I've had to [deny] that several times. You can't get yourself worked up about it. I know that the only control I really have is with people who are close around me. I know I have a healthy, positive mindset.''