Former 'N Sync star Lance Bass is to executive produce a hard hitting documentary which aims to expose the controversial behaviour modification methods allegedly used on children at an Evangelical Christian reform school.

The project, titled Kidnapped for Christ, focuses on the Escuela Caribe in the Dominican Republic where American teenagers are allegedly sent against their will to receive radical treatment for issues including behavioural problems or even being gay.

Kidnapped For Christ, directed by Kate Logan, follows Colorado student David who claims he was taken from his home in the night without warning and sent to the school in 2006 after 'coming out' to his parents as gay, and Bass is determined to investigate the allegations.

Bass, who also served as an executive producer on 2012's Mississippi I Am, which documented his own 'coming out', says, "It is important for these hidden stories to be told. The world needs to see how damaging places like this can be to our youth."