Last month (Feb16), Joey Fatone teased fans by sharing a photo of himself in the studio with his 'N Sync bandmate Chris Kirkpatrick, prompting fans to hope for a secret project.

"@IamCKirkpatrick turn now...," he captioned the snap. "And yes we are in the studio for a song ... Will fill u (sic) in when the time is right."

Now Joey has revealed the studio session was for Dead 7, the upcoming TV horror film, written and starring the Backstreet Boys' Nick Carter. The project also features Nick and his bandmates A.J. MCLean and Howie Dorough, while Joey and Chris weren't the only other boy band stars to contribute to the recording session.

Quizzed about the mini-reunion during an appearance on U.S. news show New York Live, Joey joked, "Me and Chris did an album of nursery rhymes...!"

"Actually what it was is we posted it (photo) and didn't think anything of it and people were like, 'Oh my God, you're doing a new album!'" Joey began. "There's a TV film coming out, called Dead 7, that's gonna be on Syfy (TV network) April 1st. I play a character called Whiskey Joe and the theme song, the title of the movie, we're all recording.

"The cool thing about this is you've never got a chance to see a bunch of boybanders (sic) on one track, so it's myself, Chris, Nick Carter, A.J., Howie, and a couple guys from O-Town as well, so it's a group of people on one song."

But Joey warns fans not to expect a typical pop song.

"It's gonna be funny," he teased. "It's gonna be quirky, it's nothing to be serious about, so that's the funny part."