Former 'N Sync hunk Jc Chasez has attacked criticism of tour-mate BRITNEY SPEARS' miming at gigs - insisting her fans don't go to her concerts to see her sing.

Britney was slammed by fans after she appeared to lip-sync during the opening show of the European leg of her ONYX HOTEL tour in London this week (begs26APR04).

But Chasez, who is supporting Britney on the road, insists the visual spectacle she offers more than makes up for the fact she's not singing live.

The SHAKE IT singer says, "People point the finger and say she's miming, but she's still entertaining the crap out of you. People go to a Stevie Wonder show to listen and really dig what he's doing vibe-wise. When you go to a Britney show, you'll see a spectacle.

"Every performer has their own way of going about things. I don't mime, but I have a different kind of show."

"Watch any of Michael Jackson's shows and everybody knows he's not singing every song live. Yet he's hailed as one of the greatest live entertainers of all time."

Chasez also defended the $144 (GBP80) price of tickets to see them perform - described by some fans as 'extortionate'.

He says, "She's up there spending every dime she can to put everything in front of you and I think she does it very well. She'll give you your money's worth."

30/04/2004 13:38