'N Sync hunk Joey Fatone threw TV comic Andy Dick out of a New York nightclub after catching him begging people for drugs and drunkenly weeping over the death of his friend Rick James.

Fatone, who Dick nicknamed 'Fat One', was disgusted when the star of MTV's THE ASSISTANT tried to kiss and grope shocked celebrity guests at Suede Room nightclub - including Austin Powers actor SETH GREEN - asked clubgoers if they had cocaine and handed a dishwasher a stack of $100 notes so he could "live" in the dish-washing room.

When Fatone - who co-hosts a Tuesday night party at the club - finally dragged the sobbing comic out of the club and forced him into a taxi, Dick screamed, "You don't want to push me around, because I'm perfectly capable of doing this," and punched an unidentified friend standing next to him in the face.

The furious comedian, who has battled drug and alcohol abuse in the past, then marched into Avenue B nightclub and began slapping and kissing the guests.

Plan B co-owner JOSH BOYD tells website PAGESIX.COM, "He was obviously obliterated. He jumped on the back of JASON BATTLE, my co-owner, and kept trying to kiss him. Then he started getting violent and b*tch-slapping people.

"We finally quarantined him and put him in a separate room. But then he slipped outside and skipped out on his $300 bar tab. The last anyone saw of him, he was rolling around the street on Avenue B."

12/08/2004 13:52