'N Sync heart-throb Jc Chasez may be good pals with bandmate JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE - but the new solo star insists he can dance the hunky superstar off the stage.

The dark-haired singer, 27, believes even though he thinks Timberlake is more successful with the ladies, he is a better dancer.

Chasez says, "When it comes to dancing, with the high energy stuff I hit hard and I'd say I've certainly got the edge over Justin.

"But when it comes to smooth, I can't compete. He kills it."

Even though Chasez will now be competing with Timberlake after releasing his debut solo album SCHIZOPHRENIC, Chasez insists they will always remain good friends.

He explains, "Justin is a great friend, we talk all the time. I spoke to him by phone just yesterday.

"When you're together in a band like 'N Sync for that amount of time you stay buddies. The whole JT thing blew up and I'm really happy for him. He deserves it."

05/05/2004 13:43