'N Sync heart-throb Jc Chasez has lashed out at America's radio stations, claiming they're refusing to play his new single ALL DAY LONG I DREAM ABOUT SEX because they're worried about federal repercussions.

The singer's half-time performance at February's (04) PRO-BOWL game in Hawaii was cancelled due to censorship concerns following Janet Jackson's SUPER BOWL controversy - and now Chasez insists he's being penalised again.

Ten commercial radio stations dropped the song last week (ends21MAY04).

Chasez says, "It's getting out of hand if you can't even talk about sex. I mean, Marvin Gaye's SEXUAL HEALING is considered a


"In my song there are no four-letter words and I don't talk about hurting anyone."

24/05/2004 21:13