Former 'N Sync heart-throb Jc Chasez hates strip clubs, because he always feels like a "sucker" when visiting them.

The BLOWIN' ME UP (WITH HER LOVE) hitmaker - who is about to join BRITNEY SPEARS on her ONYX HOTEL tour - says he never enjoys the raunchy venues and prefers a more subtle approach to romance.

He says, "I actually cannot stand strip bars. I mean I have my fun flirting and everything like that but they just don't appeal to me. I just feel like everybody's a sucker in there you know.

"You're paying and paying and paying and for what? Oh she really is looking at me. Yeah, whatever!

"Don't get me wrong, I like skin as much as the next person but I think mystery is a very, very sexy thing. I think people always want what they can't have."

22/04/2004 21:06