'N Sync heart-throb Jc Chasez approves of his pal Britney Spears' whirlwind engagement to KEVIN FEDERLINE - because the dancer has brought her back to reality.

The GIRLFRIEND hitmaker disapproved of Spears' wayward, hard-partying lifestyle last year (03) - which culminated in her shock Las Vegas wedding to childhood pal JASON ALEXANDER - and is glad she's settling down with father-of-two Federline.

Chasez says, "The guy that she's with right is a nice guy. In a way, it's been really good for her to be with him, because before that we've obviously been reading tabloids how much she was partying, going crazy.

"He's kinda brought her down to the level to where she can be comfortable with herself and not have to worry about going out every night.

"I will say, the guy has been nothing but nice to me and from what I've seen done a lot of good things to her."

17/08/2004 09:00