Members of former 'N Sync member Lance Bass' strict Southern Baptist family were initially devastated when they learned he was gay, but eventually decided to support him in coming out. Bass only recently went public with his sexuality, but told his sister STACY last year (05). He explains, "It was so hard because it took me forever to finally get it out. And she started laughing because she thought I was joking. "And I was like, 'I'm not kidding.' And she went white. My sister was like, 'The only reason I'm crying is because I think it's going to kill our parents.'" Bass' mother had heard rumours her son was gay and went on the Internet to investigate. He says, "The worst part about it was my mom found out not from me. She found out on the Internet, and that's what just killed me. "She went over to my sister's house and was like, 'Is it true?' And my sister was like, 'Yes, it is.' And she broke down and it destroyed her for a little bit. "It really does hurt knowing that they're going to have to live with this back home (in Clinton, Mississippi), in a place where it's not looked at very highly." Bass' family eventually accepted him and his lifestyle and are now completely supportive of his decision to go public. He adds, "Just seeing how my family has reacted, and everyone else, it just makes me so happy."