Boyband 'N Sync will thrill fans when they reunite on stage for a charity gig this summer (04) - a performance which singer Jc Chasez promises will spark a new album.

Chasez, who founded the band with Justin Timberlake, is confident his bandmates will be motivated to write and record a comeback album after they reform for the one-off gig.

And he's desperate to return to his boyband roots, because he finds it "lonely" being a solo artist.

JC explains, "I still speak to everyone in 'N Sync. We had a conference call the other day. The guys are all great.

"We are going to get together in July for a charity event, then we'll get back together after that once the right songs are in place.

"When the right material gets together, we'll cut a record.

"People have asked why we want to be in a band when we can be doing our own things. But why not do both? The solo life is lonely but being in a band is great."

13/04/2004 17:59