The British MC, 29, resided in the Grade II listed country home in Hertfordshire, England, with his partner Kaye Vassell and their children for around a year. They moved out in November (16), but his landlord claims Dappy left the house "unfit for humans" with broken windows, smashed furniture and dirty diapers on the floor.

"It's disgusting. The place was beautiful, now it's a bombsite," the landlord fumed to The Sun newspaper, explaining Dappy claimed he was renting the property until he could put down a deposit for a new home after selling his old pad.

The businessman predicts Dappy's legal woes, which saw him declared bankrupt in 2013, affected his ability to purchase a property and caused him to stay in the Hertfordshire home for longer than planned.

"I couldn't get him out after that, he had the kids in there and he kept telling me he would go but it was all just lies, he has completely conned me," the landlord complained. "Neighbours I know in the area have told me that there were people over there all the time and they had parties a lot. They obviously had no respect for the house or people around them."

However, Dappy, real name Costadinos Contostavlos, has since hit back against the allegations, insisting he had no part in the damage caused.

In a statement, he declared: "I'm disgusted and would like to make it clear when we left that house all rubbish was bagged up. I categorically didn't destroy or smash up the house."