N-Dubz should be "really English" when they go to the US, according to Mr Hudson.

The rap trio worked with 'Supernova' hitmaker Mr Hudson on their track 'Playing With Fire' and the singer songwriter and producer - who has appeared on tracks with Jay-Z and Kanye West - reckons they shouldn't try to change themselves for the American market if they try to get a break there.

He told Bang Showbiz: "I think as long as they're really British about it they'll do well. It seems to be you have to go one way or the other - I wonder how many Americans think Led Zeppelin are British? You've got to either let people think you're American or just be really English, like the Beatles to make it.

"My vote would be for them to be really London about it. They're a brilliant group, really good people."

N-Dubz met with executives at label Def Jam earlier this year and have been rumoured to have looked for a house to rent in Los Angeles.

Mr Hudson added that he thought the group's working practices will be well received in the US.

He added: "They have an incredible that work ethic, always in the studio, working, and touring. That's very much how people are there.

"And that to me is much better than the indie ethos of if we sit in the pub and drink enough cider and make enough roll ups then maybe we'll get a record deal."

Mr Hudson added that he was struck into English mannerisms when he met Snoop Dogg.

He said: "I bumped into Snoop Dogg in a lift. I was like 'you're Snoop Dogg!' He just said, like, 'Hi', and I replied 'How do you do?' - sometimes become very English when I'm in America for some reason, it just happens."

Mr Hudson is touring the UK from May 1 to May 17. He is also an ambassador for the Nokia E72 In Action campaign - sharing tips on how people can run their social life from a mobile. For more information visit: nokia.co.uk/e72inaction