Warring N-Dubz cousins Tulisa and Dappy are going on a fishing trip to repair their relationship.

The duo - who are also in the group with rapper Fazer, who is dating the blonde beauty - have previously admitted to having a love/hate relationship and Tulisa revealed the entire band has decided to take some time off after they finish their upcoming tour to spend some quality time together.

Tulisa said: "I love fishing. We're all going to France together and are just going to camp by the river and fish every day and night.

"We're all working flat out on the tour at the moment - it starts on April 11 and ends on the 30th. Then we're going away."

Dappy is a keen fisherman and earlier this year caught a 36lb mirror carp while on holiday in Gran Canaria.

Tulisa - who has in the past admitted to punching Dappy in the face - revealed she can't wait to restore family unity with her cousin and make the group "tighter again".

She explained to The Sun newspaper: "The trip's more about Dappy and I, to sort of build up a relationship again as cousins.

"You get so caught up at work that you end up losing the family vibe and just hating each other as work colleagues.

"So we're doing something with no work involved and there's nothing to argue about. It's to make the group tighter again and bring us back to The Roots from where it all started."

Tulisa has previously revealed the pair constantly clash, but their rows are quickly forgotten.

She said: "We were a lot closer growing up. We used to follow each other everywhere. Even then he was an a*shole.

"But now we have a love/hate relationship. We physically kill each other. We say things you wouldn't say to your worst enemy. We can punch each other in the face and the next day we'll be fine."