N-Dubz rapper Dappy wants to be the next Ozzy Osbourne.

The 'No Regrets' hitmaker's sees his wild persona as key to his success and wants to grow up to be like notorious rocker hellraiser Ozzy.

He said: "Dappy, the wild persona, is what got me so many fans. If I lose this wildness, I'll be out of work. It's an image people out there want to follow.

"Look at Robbie Williams and Liam Gallagher, what people love is their wildness. I'll be the next Ozzy Osbourne. I'm going to take it to that crazy level."

Dappy, 24, admitted his wild image gets him into trouble, particularly with his fiancee, Kaye Vassell, with whom he has two children, Gino, two and Milo, eight months.

He added to The Times newspaper: "While I'm Dappy, I'm the wild one If I decide to go to Japan to get a pair of boots, I will go, just like that.

"But I do make mistakes. Women love Dappy. And in all fairliness it could happen any day, any time, any girl (sic).

"I know this hurts Kaye, but as long as I can put my hands up and admit it was a mistake..."

The 'Strong Again' rapper added he is planning to make things up to Kaye by marrying her, and he has already bought her a ring that is "bigger than my face."