Dappy Contostavlos considered suicide last year.

The N-Dubz star - who has sons Gene, two, and nine-month-old Milo with girlfriend Kaye Vassell - admits the pressures of being responsible for all his family overwhelmed him and he contemplated taking his own life.

He said: "I was so low about a year ago that I thought about ending it all.

"I was brought up in a family with my dad, mum and my brother - the four of us. All of a sudden, I'm by myself, my dad's dead, my mum's devastated, my older brother's got his own problems and suddenly I'm the man of the house.

"I pay their bills and look after them, as well as having a girlfriend and kids of my own. It just all got too much and I was feeling very lonely."

Dappy admits he felt "depressed" because of the attention he was receiving every time he left the house and felt he could no longer be himself.

He added to heat magazine: "Because I'm famous, it's like pandemonium every time I go out.

"It's promo, promo, work, back home. promo, promo, work, back in your hole. It's very limiting.

"If I go to a club, I'm in the paper the next day for doing something naughty. So I can't go out or be myself. I just felt really depressed."