Mystery Jets think it's ''harder'' than ever to break into the music industry.

The 'Telomere' hitmakers believe it is ''quite easy'' for new bands to make music and be heard because they can upload their songs online, but it's more difficult than ever to actually sell records and get financial backing.

Guitarist and songwriter Henry Harrison said: ''I think the usual suspects end up in the charts but I'd say it's harder now to get into music than it ever was.

''It is quite easy to record songs and put them out on the internet, so you can get heard very easily but for that to be translated and generate a real fanbase, it's harder than ever and competition is enormous as well.

''I do feel for young bands who are struggling to get any financial foothold because the record companies are not able to encourage them in that way so it's very difficult.''

Henry writes most of the group's songs with his son, the band's singer Blaine Harrison, and they occasionally ''sneak'' in references to one another in their lyrics.

He told BANG Showbiz: ''We probably sneak the odd line in that is actually about each other but it's never been overtly explained. Yeah I've wanted to write about Blaine many times but he won't go with it, I'd have to sneak it in under the radar or yeah go solo.''

The band teased they have a number of collaborations in the pipeline, but don't want to talk about who they'll be working with in case they don't make it to fruition.

Henry said: ''The best collaborations are the ones that spring up naturally, we are working on a few but until it's out there it's perhaps not worth talking about because it's an alchemic process writing songs...pop artists and new bands as well.''