Mystery Jets never want their albums to sound similar.

The 'Young Love' hitmakers are working on the follow-up to 2016's 'Curve of the Earth' but the record will be much more ''grounded'' than that LP was.

Songwriter Henry Harrison said: ''We've always had a policy of writing album from a different place so that it never sounds similar. 'Curve of the Earth' had a massive step to it and we wouldn't go there again.

''This new album is very much more grounded and with this world getting much more fractious and divided so I think we're going more into that arena.''

And singer and co-writer Blaine Harrison, who is Henry's son, feels the band have a ''duty'' to write about the current political situation.

He told BANG Showbiz: ''I've got to the point where now as a songwriter, I'm much more fascinated with what's going on outside my window, on a larger stage, music should have the capacity to make you think as well as feel and I think that sometimes songwriters shy away from what's happening in the news.

''Not to say we are going to write a politically-orientated record but actually we are living in a very interesting time and I think it's not the time to shy away from that as a songwriter.

''I think it's our duty.''

Henry added: ''Blaine has been living near Trafalgar Square and has virtually been going every march, every weekend and saying 'Dad, this is it, this is what we're writing about'. Not just the marches but the actual conflicts of belief and perspective which people are going through but very non-political, it's the feelings that lie behind all that activity that we are actually trying to get into.

''We are well into it and we're feeling very good about it.''