British star Myleene Klass broke down in tears during a charity trip to the Philippines as she met with struggling mothers who had lost their children to disease.

The singer-turned-Tv presenter, whose own mum hails from the country, visited the capital Manila for aid agency Save The Children and she was distraught to meet women who were dealing with tragedy.

In a report for Britain's Daily Mirror newspaper, the mother-of-two details her trip and backs a new campaign which encourages new mothers to breast feed their children in the first hour after giving birth to help protect them from infection.

She writes, "Standing in a slum house in the Philippines, I was holding and crying with a woman I had only just met. As a mum myself, I felt so much for Vilma because she has lost one of her children. I went to the capital Manila with aid agency Save the Children to see how young mums cope in appalling conditions... I am backing a new campaign which centres on the alarming finding that 95 babies could be saved every hour if mothers around the world breastfed ­immediately after giving birth... British mums have choices as to how to raise their babies. They have help, access to hospitals and advice, and information at the click of a button. Sadly, and wrongly, in the Philippines, they feel there is little or no choice."