British pop star-turned-Tv personality Myleene Klass has been publicly scolded by the headteacher of her daughter's school for sparking a media furore and preventing staff from focusing on education.

The former Hear'Say singer hit headlines last week (ends08Feb15) when she took to social media to mock a parent's request to donate $16 (£10) in cash for a child's birthday present.

Klass faced a backlash at the London school, attended by her seven-year-old daughter Ava, and was reportedly involved in a confrontation between parents.

The headteacher has now addressed the media storm in a weekly school newsletter, publicly reprimanding Klass for bringing unwanted attention to the school and the parents.

The letter reads, "It was not my intention to use the (newsletter) this week as a soap box, but here it comes... How I wish I could focus on your daughters' education and not on responding to media trivia... How many times this week have I been asked to comment/act/intervene/reprimand/... do something! Mutual respect and tolerance... We actively promote them - do you?

"I needed to get that off my chest... And as my granny would've said, if you can't tweet anything nice, don't tweet anything at all."

At the height of the furore, Klass wrote an article for a U.K. newspaper in which she claimed she published private emails between parents in a bid to stop the culture of spoiling children with luxury gifts.