Myleene Klass ''refused to meet'' her now-boyfriend Simon Motson when they were first set up on a ''blind date''.

The 41-year-old singer now has two-month-old son Apollo with Simon, but has admitted that she was hesitant to meet him at first, because she knew he already had two children from a previous relationship, and wanted to make sure he hadn't ''broken up the family''.

Myleene - who herself has Hero, eight, and 12-year-old Ava with ex-husband Graham Quinn - said: ''I refused to meet Sim. We were set up on a blind date and I refused to meet him until I had been reassured by him in the end, that he hadn't broken up the family because I just couldn't go through that with somebody that I thought had the potential to do that.''

But eventually, the former Hear'Say star says their previous relationships actually helped them form a bond over how ''fragile'' love can be.

She added: ''I think we both came into [it] with the view of how fragile relationships can be. It was reassuring that we both had the same morals and outlook and a view to where we were both going in life.''

And whilst living as a blended family is bliss for the couple now, Myleene admits it wasn't easy introducing their children to one another.

She explained: ''We did holidays together, all of us travelling as a six like the circus. I made a point of making rooms for everybody when we get to our destination point and we'd all end up in the same room together.

''I went out of my way to give them space and they almost wanted not to have it and be a part of the unit.''

Both Myleene and Simon now keep a diary of their children's events so they can keep their respective ex-partners in the loop, and the singer says she's determined to co-parent her brood effectively.

Speaking to The Independent newspaper's 'Millennial Love' podcast, she said: ''We've got a diary now where we just put in all the children's sports days, dates when they're all together ... and we just control what we can control. It's quite simple with children, they just want to be loved, that's it.''