British pop star-turned-Tv presenter Myleene Klass kept her wedding ceremony low-key because she despises the "bells and whistles" of a traditional service.
The former Hear'Say star wed her longtime partner Graham Quinn in England on Friday (21Oct11) in a private ceremony witnessed by just 16 guests.
And Klass reveals she always planned a tiny wedding because she's more concerned about committing to her man than having a lavish ceremony.
She tells Fabulous magazine, "I did have a lot of worries, and I hate the idea that so much is about the bells and whistles of the wedding - for me it's all about the marriage. I said to Gray recently: 'All I want is no fuss, the vows and a burger afterwards, and I'll be happy'...
"To me, marriage is about commitment, not the wedding. It's about the relationship between the two of you that you build your whole life upon."