Myleene Klass admits her children have been her ''absolute salvation'' following her split from Graham Quinn.

The 34-year-old TV presenter - whose marriage ended six months ago when he left her after 11 years together - insists the pair's kids, Ava, five, and 19-month-old Hero have got her through the ''hardest six months'' of her life, and on the day she realised Graham was ''really gone'' she knew she had to stay strong for her daughters.

She said: ''I drove for about a mile and just stopped the car, turned around and looked at the girls, and I thought, 'I have everything I need; I have got it all here.'

''It was a good lesson in the sense that I think you can lose sight of what you have. I realised looking at my daughters that what I have is massive - as I say now every day to Ava, 'I have one arm for you and I have one arm for Hero and this is our unit.' The children have been my absolute salvation.''

Myleene admits she would've ''sooner taken a bullet'' when Graham walked out on her six months after they tied the knot, and it left her feeling ''very, very hurt'' beyond any pain she'd experienced before.

She added to You magazine: ''You see, I thought Gray and I were so happy. I had just walked down the aisle, so of course

I didn't see it coming - I hadn't even got my wedding dress back from the cleaners.

''When it first happened and I was in the middle of the storm I was just so very, very hurt. I felt I would sooner have taken a bullet. Actually, at the beginning, every morning when I woke up, I thought I had taken a bullet to my heart.

''It's so unfair that people call it 'heartbreak' because that word almost romanticises something that is beyond pain. It is all-consuming, it is debilitating because you cannot move - cannot do or think of anything else for the sake of a wound that you cannot see, that no one can see.''