Pregnant British singer Myleene Klass is planning more children after she gives birth to her second baby next year (11) - because she wants enough kids to form "an orchestra".
The former Hear'Say star-turned TV presenter is expecting her second child with Irish fiance Graham Quinn.
And Klass admits she'd love to "fill the house to bursting" with babies - if only she could convince her partner.
She says, "I want an orchestra. Graham is happy with two, but I want to keep on going. It's very un-Irish of him: all his family are from eight. My family are from eight; we're Filipinos. I'd like to fill the house to bursting."
But the couple is agreed on one thing - they want to discover their new baby's gender as soon as possible.
Klass adds, "We're going to find out the sex soon. I don't see it as a surprise - giving birth to a tomato would be a surprise!"