British singer-turned-Tv presenter Myleene Klass was left red-faced on the set of the new Harry Potter movie last year (10) when her young daughter refused to return Emma Watson's magic wand.
Klass was a special guest backstage during the filming of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part II and she took her three year old, Ava, on the trip.
Watson showed off her prop wand to Ava, but the youngster refused to hand it back - and a battle of wills ensued.
Klass tells Britain's Daily Record, "I have to say fair play to Emma Watson actually because she gave Ava, my little one, the wand and then when it came time to film, Ava wouldn't give it back.
"If you give a two-year-old, at the time, a magic wand - they're not going to give it back. So cue the director, cue Emma, cue some assistant directors and assistants and goodness knows how many other people trying to prize the fingers of a two-year-old off the magic wand.
"Emma was very, very good about it and I made a speedy exit. Sadly I was meant to do the little clapper board but we had to leave early after that incident. I thought it was best. I thought otherwise someone might wave their wand at us."