Sexy singer Mya is warning all pretty boys to stay away from her - because she's repulsed by men who work hard on their appearance.

The 23-year-old Chicago beauty, who is reportedly dating former drug dealer 50 CENT, admits she has no time for men preoccupied with beautifying themselves, preferring instead to go for those who are "street smart".

She explains, "I like risk takers and physical guys. I mean, of course, they have to have intellect. Also they have to have some goals. Those guys are very tempting. Just something about them.

"Pretty boys turn me off though. Can't be in the mirror more than me and s**t. Unless he has a job where he has to took pristine to make a living. I don't like a dude to be in the mirror 10 minutes. Three minutes is too much. Can't have any pretty-a** sideburns either."

13/08/2003 00:14