R+B singer Mya has slammed reports her "diva behaviour" caused the cancellation of a recent club gig in Barbados, blaming non-payment for the scrapped show.
The Case of the Ex star was scheduled to host and perform at the Celebrity Party event at Club NXS earlier this month (Jul08).
However, she pulled out days before the gig after learning the event promoter had a lack of funds, and was therefore unable to pay her for the appearance.
Mya was heavily criticised by partygoers for the late cancellation - but she insists it wasn't her fault, and has apologised to her fans for the incident.
In a statement released on behalf of the star, her attorney Paul Gardner says, "A week and a half prior to the scheduled appearance at Club NXS in St. Lawrence Gap, Mya was informed that the promoter of this event did not have the funds available to accommodate her appearance.
"Despite this, the promoters of the 'Celebrity Party' went on to include Mya on the promotional material, and to announce her appearance on the local radio station. Because of the lack of funding, Mya was no longer obligated to appear at this event.
"Furthermore, in addition to a last minute meet and greet with young students and athletes, Mya attended a dinner organised by the local radio station. Unbeknownst to her the radio station had advertised her presence as the prize for two contest winners. Mya graciously attended this dinner, even though this she was not required to do so under the contract.
"Mya would like to apologise to her fans for the confusion and disappointment caused by this situation. However, she would also like her fans to know that she takes her professional engagements very seriously, and would have attended this event had it been organised properly and if the promoter had the originally agreed upon monetary compensation available."