Cult rockers My Morning Jacket have offered to burn CD copies of their latest album Z should fans have any problems bypassing the disc's copy protection software.

The JIM JAMES-fronted band claim they had no idea their album would contain the software, which prevents the CD from being played on a computer and installs 'spyware' programmes that report copyright violations and monitor music usage.

My Morning Jacket have received so many complaints the band posted a link on its website detailing how to get around the software.

The band's manager MIKE MARTINOVICH tells MTV, "As our fans have been experiencing varying degrees of difficulty with the copy-protection mechanism employed by Sony BMG, we have responded to each e-mail with an apology assuring them that My Morning Jacket was not responsible for the decision.

"If that didn't work, we offered to burn a copy of (the album) and send it to the fan who already purchased a copy of Z.

"To date, we have sent out over 100 copies of to friends and fans who have purchased the album and have not been able to enjoy the music."

Last month (NOV05), Sony BMG issued an apology and promised to withdraw all CDs affected by the copy protection software from shops. Z was released in October (05).