My Chemical Romance frontman Gerard Way has apologised to fans who were left confused by his early onstage comments - because he was "touched in the head". The Welcome To The Black Parade singer admits the group's first concerts were peppered with bizarre things he felt he had to say between songs. He explains, "There was a brief amount of time where it felt like you drank gasoline and s**t glass, and you were always covered in your own sweat, somebody else's spit or blood or something. And I felt that. "I would make crazy speeches that made no sense onstage. I would talk about purifying flames being shot out of our cabinets at max volume to destroy evil and s**t like that. I was, you know, touched in the head." Now clean, sober and sane, the reforming alcohol abuser, admits he tries to recall his mad moments because they inspire his songwriting. He tells Rolling Stone magazine, "When you get touched in the head like that, I think your job at that point, for the rest of your career, is to remember what it was like to be touched in the head, and kind of keep that going."