My Chemical Romance rocker RAY TORO once pushed his vow to never stop playing during a concert to the limit - when a collision with bandmate FRANK IERO left his face soaked in his own blood. The US band were midway through a gig when the unfortunate clash occurred. Toro says, "I think we were in Ohio doing a show. We used to be wilder back in the day and Frankie accidentally hit me on the head with his guitar. He cut me open across my forehead. "I kept playing and playing and I felt this wet liquid running down my head. I thought it was sweat but the guitar technician was staring at me so I started looking around at the other guys and their eyes were wide open to the point where they almost stopped playing. "My face was covered in blood. It looked a lot worse than it actually was. "(But) the one thing we always try and go by is no matter what we never stop the show."