My Chemical Romance frontman Gerard Way is still ashamed of video footage featuring him intoxicated and throwing up. THE BLACK PARADE rocker is a recovering alcoholic and he only has to look at his band's 2006 live DVD LIFE ON THE MURDER SCENE whenever he feels like having a few stiff drinks to realise how foolish he is when he's drunk. The footage features a drunken Way throwing up behind a tour bus - behaviour he is not keen to repeat. He explains, "One of the hardest things to deal with is looking foolish." But Way insists his drunken behaviour, caught on camera, will help fans who think it's cool to drink away their troubles. He adds, "It was important to show how foolish I was and send a message that there's no glamour (in that)." The video footage was shot two years ago (05) before the singer/songwriter sought help for his drinking problem.