Rockers My Chemical Romance are hoping to capitalise on the huge success of their theatrical new album by turning the record into a stage musical. THE BLACK PARADE stormed international charts last month (OCT06) while its dark themes of death and cancer sparked frenzied media debate. And singer Gerard Way is confident the music will translate equally well to stage or screen. He says, "I think (The Black Parade) needs to be something. "If not a play then a musical. It's such a visual thing. I think it would make a great animated film, something experimental would really work for this. "It'd also be really interesting to rewrite the script so when you make it into a movie it should be something almost totally different. There should be elements of a rock band in that, or maybe this character has a rock band. It would be cool to maybe play with the notions of what you're making than just simply tell the story." The Black Parade charts the premature death of a man loosely based on Way himself. Rockers Green Day are also working on a movie treatment for their 2004 hit AMERICAN IDIOT.