My Chemical Romance enjoy their ongoing feud with a British tabloid newspaper because the press coverage has boosted their popularity. The band were singled out by the Daily Mail earlier this year (06) when the publication accused them of promoting self-harm and suicide among teenagers. Frontman Gerard Way believes the paper is "ignorant", but concedes the row has worked wonders for My Chemical Romance record sales. He says, "There's a large sense of ignorance throughout that newspaper, but I think I'd say the same about a lot of other newspapers. I'm going to stop picking on them - it's just getting too easy. "The ironic thing about the Daily Mail is that (it) involved people who wanted to silence the band but what actually happened was the opposite. It actually made us explode in the UK to a much bigger level than before, it gave us such a voice. "That's what happens when people try to shut you up, you just get a lot louder."