My Chemical Romance have denied claims they are planning to split, following bassist MIKEY WAY's break from the band. The group granted the rocker some time off after marrying Alicia Simmons in March (07), prompting fears from fans other bandmembers would follow. But guitarist Frank Iero insists the band considered it important to allow Way to enjoy married life for while. He says, "That is completely untrue (split rumours). Because of the position we're in, we get to do things that we've dreamed of since we were kids. But, at the same time, we're also denied a lot of things that we've also wanted to do - like being there at certain family landmarks, or not being there for the people we love. We don't get to enjoy some of the normal things in life that others take for granted. No one in this band wants any one of us to miss out on that stuff if we can help it. Those things are very important. "We're really glad to be able to give him that gift. He's doing great, he's having lots of fun."