LATEST: Rockers My Chemical Romance have explained the mystery injuries which forced the band to cancel a show last weekend (05-06AUG06), insisting there were no "monster attacks or alien abductions". The group sparked frenzied internet debate after pulling out of a performance at the Street Scene festival in San Diego, California, because of injuries to two unnamed band members. The mysterious illnesses prompted many fans to speculate they had been involved in a serious road accident or fallen victim to a horrifying mishap on the set of their new, SAM BAYER-directed, video. However, in a statement on their website, the band explains, "There are tons of rumours and allegations floating around, and we want to clear it up for all of you. Here are the facts and please know that none of the injuries sustained were permanent nor intentional. Last week, while shooting a new video for our new record... GERARD (WAY - singer) tore multiple ligaments in his ankle and BOB (BRYAR - drums) received a bad burn to the back of his leg. "These injuries were sustained on Thursday evening. On Friday morning, we drove to San Diego to prepare for our performance. After seeing doctors, we decided to give it our all and rehearse on Friday night. This proved impossible. The pain was overwhelming and we could not pull through without further injuring ourselves. "So there you have it, there were no car wrecks, monster attacks or alien abductions, but there were serious injuries that required this to be the way."