My Chemical Romance have Madonna's longtime publicist Liz Rosenberg to thank for helping them persuade Liza Minnelli to join them in the studio The group felt one new tune on the album, THE BLACK PARADE, needed a woman's voice and they told producer Rob Cavallo that Minnelli was at the top of their wish list Frontman Gerard Way recalls, "We had discussed a woman forever but then eventually I just did the woman's voice I was like, 'It just seems like such a cop-out ' "He (Cavallo) said, 'Well, who do you want to get?' and I was like, 'We should get Liza Minnelli Why not?' "Rob called Liz Rosenberg, who is her publicist, and got her to do it " Bandmate RAY TORO adds, "What was great about working with Rob is like anything that we wanted for this record he made happen "