My Chemical Romance frontman Gerard Way hopes his dark anthems help fellow 20-somethings cope with the tragedy of life - because he writes his death-inspired hits with his peers in mind. The white-haired rocker claims 20-year-old men and women are so confused they're just like the walking dead. He tells MTV News, "Men and women in their twenties are like the walking dead, being part of a workforce they don't want to be a part of. Nothing. No life. "They're not in love. They're just, like, going out to bars, getting wasted and having casual sex. It's a really hollow, empty period in your life and I think nothing, to me, felt more dead than being, like, 23. "It's something about being in your 20s; it's a very dark period in your life because you're confused about what you're doing, you've made a lot of mistakes, you can't see yourself getting to 30 yet. "It is kind of like a tragic period and there's a lot of anger in, like, 20-somethings."