Former My Chemical Romance drummer Bob Bryar felt "depressed" and "suicidal" after he exited the band.

In 2010, the rockers released a statement revealing they had "parted ways" with their drummer of six years, branding it "a painful decision", and last year (14), Bryar announced he was retiring from music to pursue a new career in real estate.

As it approaches the five-year anniversary of his departure, Bryar has taken to to reveal how his dismissal affected him, writing, "It's been about 5 years since I was kicked out of mychem (the band). I became the most depressed, angry, suicidal, saddest person ever..."

Bryar goes on to admit he wants to give music another try, and he has sent a message to a number of music industry friends including Matt Cortez, who was a touring musician for My Chemical Romance from 2007-2008, and United Nations rocker Lukas Previn, writing, "I have been wanting to try and play again... lets (sic) do this before I jump of (sic) a bridge. Last try for me."

My Chemical Romance split in 2013.