My Chemical Romance drummer BOB BRYAR fears he let fans down last year (06) after third-degree burns he received from a video shoot stunt prompted the group to cancel shows. His bandmates insist the scorched rocker, who was burned while making their FAMOUS LAST WORDS promo, is a hero for battling through the pain in an effort to make sure scrapped tour dates were kept to a minimum, but he feels he should have fought harder. Bryar, who was hospitalised after a hotel-room skin graft left him with a bacterial skin infection and an abscess on his brain, tells Spin magazine, "I couldn't move, I couldn't talk. When I tried to leave the hospital, they said I'd die in two days if I left. So I sat back down. "We cancelled three shows. I hate cancelling shows. We pride ourselves on giving fans something to do. If they are going through some s**t, they can go to a show and heal. I didn't want to let anyone down."