SUGABABES singer Mutya Buena wants to shed her reputation as an intimidating, angry person - because she would never be unkind unnecessarily.

The TOO LOST IN YOU star, who had her first child TAHLIA in March (05), insists she is a happy person, but doesn't display her emotion as much as fellow bandmember Heidi Range.

Buena says, "It's a question of personalities. People find Heidi very approachable. She gives off a sense of being a smiley, happy girl.

"With me it's different. People seem to be intimidated by me, even small children. Like I'm going to chew off their heads.

"But I'm only horrible to someone if they're horrible to me.

And although motherhood has made the 20-year-old more relaxed, she still won't tolerate fools lightly.

She adds, "I've changed in a sense that I'll be completely calm around my child. But I'm exactly the same around other people.

"Just because I'm a mother doesn't mean they can't take the p**s out of me."