Vauxhall Tribes

Urban Music Event

9th September 2006 will see BBC 1Xtra's legendary presenters Ace & Invisible host the next event in the Vauxhall Tribes series with approx 2,000 people witnessing a diverse range of urban performance disciplines.

Brought together in one big tent in Kennington Park by Vauxhall Motors, the event will showcase some of the latest urban fashion and artists.

Vauxhall Tribes represents the utmost cool in urban talent inspiring and exhilarating a fashion-conscious youth audience in a buzz of excitement.

What: Vauxhall Tribes

When: 9th September

Location: Kennington Park, London, SE11 4BU

Timings: 17.00hrs-20.00hrs

£: Free - but strictly TICKET ONLY

URL: Please visit for tickets & more information

Format of the day:


Guests will be invited to meet and greet the acts and be actively encouraged to try all the different skills from beatboxing to turntablism. Each act will then display their individual specialism on the main stage with an informal demonstration of their skills.


A live showcase of all acts & fashions, including a blindfolded set from the UK's leading turn-tablists, breathtaking ariel stunts from dance outfit Flawless and a mind boggling demonstration from the UK's finest beatboxers, with a jaw dropping set that sees them creating music using just their mouths.

Fashion partners include: Ecko, Mecca, Addict & King Apparel

information on the acts below

The Disablists: are the UK's top turntablists, recently DMC International Finalists, blending Hip Hop, Drum and Bass, Reggae, Ska, Soul, Funk and Motown into smooth flows. With five turntables and three mixers, they piece together original hooks and remix well-known anthems for blinding sets. Something could maybe done about which decks they use/prefer.

Funkstylerz: Handpicked from the underground streetdance scene, both in the UK and worldwide, Funkstylerz are the UK's no. 1 BBoy & Hip Hop Dance Company - a break-dance company that incorporates the original street dances of breaking, popping and locking. Together & individually, Funkstylerz have performed worldwide with artists such as Sean Paul, Gwen Stefani, Busta Rhymes & Madonna, never failing to create & amaze an audience with versatile and explosive performances.

Flawless: Current Street Dance Weekend UK Champions, Flawless were most recently crowned the International Champions at the 2005 Street Dance Weekend International Championships USA v UK event which saw them take on the AmountBoyz from the US.

Shlomo: has had huge success with Foreign Beggars and is now working along with other UK beatbox talents such as Faith SFX and Killa Kela to break the limits of beatboxing. DJ Excalibah described a Shlomo show he saw as "the most fantastic exhibition of beatboxing ever", "it's some serious musical composition, from hip-hop to breaks and drum n bass; well worthy of the standing ovation he got at the end of his set." SOS Magazine, Issue 6.

Urban Strides: are an exciting and vibrant hip hop dance company. They have performed with '50 Cent', 'Kanye West', and 'Pharrell Williams' to name a few. 2006 sees Urban Strides Dance Troupe performing alongside Lemar (Brit Winner) at the Charity opening of 'Daddy Cool - The Musical'. Their on-stage energy, and dynamic choreography always keep audiences on the edge of their seats..they have to be seen to be believed!

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