Review of Under The Sun/Attack Single by Thousand Natural Shocks

Thousand Natural Shocks
Under The Sun/Attack

Thousand Natural Shocks Under The Sun/Attack Single

Blazing the more ripping side of the indie genre sees this compact quartet of West Country whippersnappers releasing their barnyard rehearsed, debut AA side single. They shake the foundations of musical release while maintaining a ringing rhythm. 'Under The Sun' combines the pacing vocals and pulsing melodies of The Faint and The Rapture, but has slightly darker interludes for contrast.

'Attack' shows a booming bass propelled blues edge, as Rollo's stuttering vocals emphasise each point made about drinking in the last chance saloon. This offering is complemented by the atmospherically commencing 'Never Say Never Do', before it turns into a raw lo-fi rock-a-round. Thousand Natural Shocks have managed to find the right balance between youthful exuberance and emotive song writing.


David Adair

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