The Punisher

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The Punisher - DVD Competition

Title: Punisher, The

Teaser: There Is No Justice, There Is Only Revenge.

To celebrate the release we of The Punisher on DVD we have some fantastic Goodie Bags to give away! Prize packs containing the DVD, CD singles of the Drowning Pool song featured in the soundtrack (the video is part of the DVD extra value) and a promo only Punisher comic (not available in the shops) this is really cool, it’s a 24 page mini comic extract from the original Marvel comic written by Garth Ennis Click Here To Enter This Fantastic Competition

Synopsis: Undercover FBI agent and former Marine Frank Castle (Thomas Jane) is devastated when his wife and children are killed after accidentally witnessing a mafia hit. With nothing left to lose, he decides to dedicate himself fully to the eradication of crime – both organized and otherwise – from America, as an army, assassin, judge and jury all rolled up into one man with a whole lot of guns: The Punisher. Wearing a menacing black battle suit with a white skull emblazoned on his chest, the Punisher first sets his sights on the crime syndicate that was responsible for the murders of his family. Along the way, his vendetta quest leads to the son of Howard Saint (Travolta), a former underworld boss who had gone straight. With the death of his own son, however, Saint has been led back into crime and he's gunning for the Punisher.

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Stars / Cast: John Travolta, Thomas Jane, Samantha Mathis, Rebecca Romijn-Stamos

Genre: Action

The Punisher - DVD Competition
The Punisher - DVD Competition
The Punisher - DVD Competition